In Memory of Lenora Speller

Senior BLS Humanities major Lenora Freeman Speller, of Raleigh, passed away on Sunday night following an illness. Lenora first attended UNCG as a traditional student from 1981 to 1984, then returned after a 25-year hiatus to join the BLS Program in Spring 2009. She had completed the requirements for the humanities major, and only lacked two College core requirements to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree. She was a diligent and enthusiastic Dean’s List student, averaging a 3.85 GPA since her return, and she was highly regarded by her instructors and her classmates. As one of her instructors put it, “She was an inspiration to everyone she came in contact with in our course.”

Lenora’s pursuits extended well beyond the BLS program. She was also an Associate Minister at Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church in Durham, and was simultaneously pursuing a degree in divinity at Maranatha Christian College & Theological Seminary, all while raising five children and holding down a job. Two of Lenora’s children are currently in PhD programs; one is a senior in college, and her two youngest are 12 and 14. She is also survived by her husband, her mother, and five sisters.

The faculty and staff of the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program extend our deepest sympathies to Lenora’s family.

7 responses to “In Memory of Lenora Speller

  1. She was such a beautiful person both inside and out and she will be sorely missed. Rest in Eternal Peace.

  2. We do not always understand why Our Heavenly Father calls home people that are so dearly needed here with us, but we can rest assured, He has a greater purpose for her. May all our thoughts and prayers be with her family in this time of need in emotional support.

  3. On behalf of the family of Lenora Freeman Speller, We are SO grateful for your support at such a tough time in our lives. Obviously UNC G is a wonderful place of caring staff and students, and we will never forget your kindness.

    Paula Freeman Munos
    (Lenora’s sister)

  4. Lenora was a delightful student–I was lucky enough to have her in class recently. Indeed she was a tremendously positive influence on her classmates and on me. She will be missed. My thoughts are with her family.

  5. Vinecia Bunch-Goodman

    I remember Lenora as a child. I was a few years older than her and her family lived down the street from me. I would often go over and play with her and her sister Paula, they were the two older siblings. Lenora was always fun to play with, she was never shelfish, just easy going. I had n’t seen her in years but I am glad that she had a good life with a husband and beautiful children. May God give Lenora’s family peace during this painful time.

  6. How fortunate I am to have witnessed the beautiful spirit of God in the physical being of Lenora. We knew each other from kindergarten and baptism through struggles and triumphs, her resolve unshaken and I more uplifted by her love, grace, and beauty. I think of her daily and will always carry her and her beautiful family with me. Thank you God for sharing this Angel with us.

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